Say Cheese

Apparently Mercer Arboretum is THE place for high school students in the northern 'burbs to take their prom pictures before heading out for the big night. When I arrived at 4:30 there were about 5 couples there along with their families and photographers.

I wandered around the arboretum section and went back into some of the more secluded trails and when I reemerged near the office an hour later there were, I swear, at least 40 couples all with multiple family members in tow. Some of them had professional photographers positioning them at various points around the gardens and some of them had mom and dad with their digital or disposable cameras.

Lots of bright colors, satin and tulle, strappy sandals (most of them in silver and bejeweled) and wafts of perfume and hairspray. Whatever happened to taking a picture by the fireplace?

The Weekend

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