The Weekend

It's been a good weekend. There are always highlights from a weekend, but this weekend feels like I had a chance to do things AND relax. So let's recap.

Friday evening my friend Stacey and I went to the Museum of Fine Arts for a member's lecture and preview party for the exhibit Best in Show: The Dog in Art from the Renaissance to Today. (Too bad, there is no party for the cat exhibit!) I love going to the lectures at the museum. It stimulates parts of my brain that don't always get a work out as a middle school teacher. This was the first museum party I have gone to after several attempts and it was fun as well. There was a wide variety of people from the rich and intellectual, to the young, cool and hip and people in the middle like me. Everyone wandering the exhibit or crowding the bar downstairs, shopping in the gift shop or listening to the musicians play. It was a nice evening.

Saturday I TRIED to sleep in, but I woke up at 8 am. I finished reading one of my books (Mr. Monk goes to Hawaii), surfed the net, tried to go to sleep again and basically just lazed around. Around 2 in the afternoon I started thinking that I would be lazy all day and hit up Mercer on Sunday, when I was jolted by the realization that Saturday would be the last day of September. I HAD to go on Saturday. (I run the Assignment Houston group and it would look bad if I didn't participate!). I've already told you about my adventures there.

Today I did manage to sleep in VERY late, it was great! Then I watched the Texans win (yay!), read some more from my new book (Sabriel) and managed to go to the grocery store after the game. I finished up this evening by working on a friend's birthday present. Not as packed as some people's weekends, but fulfilling for me nonetheless.

Two quick notes about books. I posted my Mr. Monk book at BookMooch. The site lets you give away books you no longer need in exchange for books you really want. This is how it works. I put the book on my available list. If someone wants it they will contact me and I will mail it to them ($1.59 media mail in the US). I will then earn a credit which I can use to get a book that I want from anyone else. I won't put all my books up there, but I will definitely be using it for my more casual reads.

Sabriel however will NOT be going on the list. I'm only on chapter 10, but I already can tell that I am going to love it and probably the whole series. I read every day, but it has been a while since a book has drawn me in like this. In fact the book is calling so I'm off. Have a great Monday folks!

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