Reading Habits

See, I told you that I was compelled to read Sabriel. I only started the book Saturday evening and now I am finished. That is the good and bad thing about a page turner. The good is you are immersed in the joy of reading and can't wait to get back to the book. The bad, you finish the book quickly because you are always reading. Since it is the beginning of the month (when money is tighter for me) I have to wait until the 15th before I can go buy the sequel.

I've also discovered something about myself and reading. I re-read a lot. There are a certain set of books I go to when I am very stressed or upset (I'm talking major life moments upset.... not my usual silliness). I understand why I read those books during troubled times (an escape), but I wasn't sure why I was always reading the same things over and over when life was content. But now I think I know.

I realized this when I saw that the sequel to Sabriel, focuses on a new character, Lireal. When I realized that I wouldn't be with these characters that I have grown to love, I wasn't happy about it. That is when it hit me. I like being in familiar, comfortable territories. When I read I want to go into a known world and universe with old friends. I think that is why I re-read A LOT, why I have a hard time starting new books and why I gravitate towards books that have sequels or are part of a series. I found this to be quite the interesting little revelation about myself. I can see that you are fascinated to no end. At least I'll get a decent night's sleep tonight.


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