Allergy or Neurosis

Sleeping Beauty Well I officially have a neurotic cat. Well, maybe. About a month I began noticing tufts of hair on the carpet. I didn't think too much of it a few weeks ago, but as the weeks continued it was more than just a few tufts and it began to weigh on me. Why was my cat losing hair? Things escalated last night when I saw A LOT of hair and when I looked at her I found patches on her body where hair was missing. Those were definitely not there a few days ago. So we went to the vet today.

First, as you may know, I'm a TOTAL worry wart, I search for things on the internet and although I hate to admit it I usually tend to think the worst. So I was a little nervous about the visit.

Diagnosis? Well the patches are caused by over grooming. She is licking herself over and over again in those areas. The question is why? It COULD be allergies. The doctor said that since she has irritable bowel disease she is more susceptible. So we are switching to a low allergen food. Once I get her completely switched over to that I have to give it six weeks to see how things go. By the way, the low allergen food, z/d, costs $45 for a 10 pound bag. (Ugh. I'm going to shop around and pray I find a better deal.) I also have to make sure to keep up the flea control even though she doesn't have fleas. If she has a flea allergy all it would take is one bite one time, and she could have a reaction.

The other possible cause? Stress. Much harder to confirm or cure. The doctor said it could be from the move to the new apartment, the fact that she can now look on the patio and might be upset with any cat visitors, or practically anything. She said that cats can be S E N S I T I V E. Hey just like me!

I'm glad it isn't something super serious (never read the internet for possible diagnosis!) but I feel bad that my cat is out of sorts. Even though z/d is super expensive I kind of hope that it IS the food allergy because it is something concrete that can be fixed.

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