The Day

I'm not sure what to say about the day. I did a lot and mostly had a good day, but it has ended up on a low note. I started out at a marching band festival to watch the high school students. Several choir kids do flags in marching band and I also know a lot of the band kids. Later in the afternoon I hit up The Orange Show and The Beer Can House for Assignment: Houston. Then it was on to the Greek Festival for food and more photographs. (Oh yeah, there was a stop at the Police Memorial).

The first little blip was at the Greek Festival. I saw a teacher from my school there and went up to say hello. She is actually Greek and was there with a lot of family/friends. She also happens to be a super sweet person. So I said hello and her first question was "Are you here by yourself?" I'm sure I'm imagining it, but it seemed like she and all her companions were looking at me with pity. "Oh that poor girl..." I had to explain to her that I was there to take pictures, really everything is fine, I'm ok, I'll be fine.... I don't regret my decision to go places by myself (otherwise I would never go anywhere or do anything) but that was a set back for me. It has been a while since I felt *that* self conscious about it. So much so that when I saw someone else I knew a few hours later, I avoided him because I knew we would have the same exact conversation. I try not to feel sorry for myself but things like this shake my resolve.

I came home to find that someone from Houston Photobloggers is upset. I don't like it when people are mad at me and especially when they feel I have wronged them somehow. Combine this with the stress of being responsible for the upcoming meet-up and I wonder why the hell I am running this site. No one comments, no one posts, heck hardly anyone even visits my personal photoblog. I'm not sure I have a thick enough skin, maybe I'm too emotional to be the person responsible for approving and removing sites and getting yelled at for it, for being the sole person posting at the site and being responsible for keeping it going with content and money and for dealing with ruffled feathers. But I have to do it. I feel a great responsibility to the person who runs the photoblogs organization and I refuse to let the fourth largest city dissolve its photobloggers group.

Never mind me. Maybe things will look better tomorrow.


The Debate