24 hours from now it will be over!

Yes I'm still alive. The concert is tomorrow. Unfortunately the weather is not going to cooperate to allow the students to go practice at the high school, but other than that things have been ok.

The one class that I'm a little worried about meets tomorrow. They have been singing very blah, like they can't be bothered to get into it, yet they LOVE choir. I think they are just burned out on the music, yet their pieces still need work. They need to learn that you have to keep pushing through. Blah isn't going to cut it for a Varsity choir.

There is a comment that flies around when middle school music teachers get together. Do you realize that we base our CAREERS on what 11 through 14 year olds will do under pressure? I have no idea what will happen tomorrow night, but I think there will be some sparkling moments and then some "other" moments.

In the meantime go read THIS. Especially if you are a football fan of any stripe, a fan of good writing or just need a laugh.

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