Day After

Hooray, I'm done. Done with the concert, done with grades and done with the first nine weeks of school. The concert was ok. For some reason it was really long. I don't like when the concert drags. The audience starts getting restless. The choirs that we were really worried about, faked their way through it pretty well. Other choirs have definitely performed better in rehearsal than the concert. And my varsity girls were wonderful so at least the night ended on a good note.

One problem is that we didn't get to videotape. There was a problem with the equipment that was checked out to us and I didn't catch the problem until it was too late. One of the parents is going to make us a copy of his recording, but it won't be until next week, which blows my lesson plan for today out of the water.

I need to get going so I can go into work early and figure out what I'm going to do today, but I don't wanna go in early the day after. The day after is for being relaxed and happy and lazy. Plus its Friday.

Evolution of Beauty

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