The Last 14 Hours

I went last night to see West Side Story at the Hobby Center, presented by Theater Under the Stars. West Side Story was the first live musical I ever saw when the university in the Valley did a production. This is the first time I've seen it since then and it was of course wonderful. The dancing is magnificent and it drove home how much of this show I have memorized, right down to the dialogue. It was interesting to see the changes that were made for the movie. I think I actually like Cool better where it is supposed to be and was last night, before the meeting with the Sharks at Doc's. I will admit that I like the movie version of America better, both the lyric changes and having both boys and girls dancing. Other than that everything else was great.


My latest brush with fame. Well, brush might not be the right word because the Hobby is such a huge place, but sisters Phylicia Rashad and Debbie Allen (both born in Houston) were in attendance last night to watch Debbie's daughter, Vivian Nixon star in the role of Anita. Also in attendance were her father, former NBA player Norm Nixon and Josie de Guzman who played Maria in the 1980 revival when Debbie Allen was playing Anita. As Frank M. Young, the CEO of TUTS said after introducing all these famous people, "This damn show better be good."

Last night was Frank's last night as CEO. I don't want to be a gossip monger, but he had noticeable shakes while he was talking last night. He will take the title of Founder and Artistic Director and it does sound like he has some great plans in store, heading out around the world to find new shows to bring to TUTS.

After the show I stopped by the Desert Gallery, because I have been craving lemon bars. I think it is starting to become a tradition after a show. I'm not sure whether I should encourage it or stop it.

The final two things from the last fourteen hours. My neighbors bed started squeaking at about four in the morning. You know what I mean. I was irritated because a.) I'm so jealous, its been so long and b.) it was FOUR in the morning. I turned the AC on for a little while to drown it out. Then when I officially woke up I came into the living room and saw the clock. 7:37! There was no way I was getting up at 7:37, so I went back to bed to read. I didn't register on me until about an hour later that it was 7:37 because of the time change.

Today, watching the Texans and then I think I'll go downtown and do some shooting.

What if I'm a jinx?

Lazy Day