What, this is public?

Website stats can be fun, but they can also be a little freaky. It is amazing the speed that things fly around the internet. About 6 hours after I posted about my night at TUTS someone at a Fairmont Hotel looked at that specific link, but there is nothing showing how they found that page. Then after a random visit from Guam to the same link, someone accessed the link from their Yahoo email at Colombia University. So someone sent that particular link to someone's Yahoo address in New York. (What did I write that was so interesting that it was sent to NY!) And then, the big reason this interests me, today someone from TUTS was looking at the link, but it again doesn't show how they got here. My question, how the hell did it get to TUTS so quickly! I'm still surprised when someone outside of my 5 regular readers drops by.

So Hi World! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. It isn't terribly exciting, but it is mine. Make yourself at home, but remember, everyone here is nice to one another.

UPDATE: So someone overnight searched for "west side story houston TUTS blog" from an extended stay hotel and guess what was on the first page of course. I give up trying to figure it out!


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