Work Flow

Finally, FINALLY I feel like I have a good workflow for my photoblog. I'm sure it is totally obvious and Matt probably told me this two years ago, but sometimes you just have to discover things for yourself. As you know I've struggled with how I should organize and process my photos and how I should post them. I would process a photo each night for the next day. Once concern with this method was that I was afraid I was going to miss a good photo in older rolls as new photos came in.

So now? I will select every photo that I think is blogworthy from a shoot and process them all at once. I am keeping them in a folder that is marked blog ready. That way there is no chance of my missing a good photo and everything is ready to go. I also tag each photo in iPhoto so I know which ones have been processed. Each morning I just need to pick a photo for the blog. I have been using this system for about two weeks now and it is funny that each morning a particular photo calls to me. I will still do some things in order, for example the Greek Festival, because some photos just need other photos for context, but now I have the option to do things however I want.

This was forced because of my huge backlog of photos from six weeks of activity (This weekend was all about inactivity, unfortunately for my messy apartment). I still have one more batch of photos to process (Airshow) before I'm all caught up and then I'll be able to do them as they come in. It's a great feeling to finally, after two years, get myself organized because I'm having more fun than ever taking and sharing my pictures.

What, this is public?

What if I'm a jinx?