Off to see the Wizard

Onesome: Off-- to do something productive? What are your spare time hobbies? ...or do you have a life ?

Well my spare time (spare time??) hobbies are photography, reading, surfing the net and attending museums and live arts performances.

Twosome: to see-- beyond the horizon? Where would you like to take your hypothetical 'unlimited' vacation?

Well since this is an unlimited vacation, I would start off in New York City, then fly off to London and Paris and of course I would need unlimited amounts of spending money as well. And since this is hypothetical I would have a boyfriend in this scenario because what fun is it to go all these places if you can't share it with someone (yeah, yeah I'm in one of those moods).

Threesome: the Wizard-- There's always (or should be) a fix-it wizard around the place; do you have one you can call on to take care of those minor repairs that crop up? ...or are you "it"?

Ha! NO. I'M ALL ALONE. NO ONE IN MY LIFE. (Wow you walked into that one......)

Actually the answer is still no. I still haven't hung my dresser mirror or my clock since I moved because they will take some actual fix-it skills.

How about you? When you're ready, post your answers in your own space, and leave a comment here so we can find you!

Uh, No thanks

Moo! (again)