Never Ending

This job is never ending. Anyone who thinks that teaching is a nice, easy, laid back career would be sorely mistaken. At least being a music teacher isn't that way.

Since September 1st I have had morning and afternoon rehearsals every day to get students ready for a major competition in October. Also in that time frame we had a 6th grade ice cream party and a 7th and 8th grade fall carnival, not to mention our fall concert. The competition was two weeks ago and the culminating concert for the students who advanced was this weekend. I was one of the organizers so pretty much from Friday 4 pm until Saturday 8 pm straight, my life was nothing but this event. I was and am still so tired.

But it never stops. NEVER! One of my accompanists has fallen off the face of the planet so I was at work until 7 pm recording music (I don't play piano so its takes a very long time). And I still have about 100 solos to assign and distribute before next Friday. I wish I just had a few days of just straight teaching and leaving like the other teachers. I know I'll get a chance to rest during Thanksgiving Break, but I'm not sure I'll make it there in one piece mentally.

All of this would of course be easier if I had someone to share all these things with (yes I have you dear readers, but you know what I mean) but I come home to an empty lonely house with no one to talk to except my cat who is still stressing the hell out of me by pulling her hair out and not reacting well to the veterinarian prescribed food.

Never. Ending.

Let's Try This Again...

Uh, No thanks