Let's Try This Again...

.... Shall We?

Apartment Picked Up - Check
Floor Vacuumed of Neurotic Cat Hair - Check
Refrigerator and Cupboards Stocked (So No More Take Out Thank Goodness) - Check
Clothes Washed and Hung - Check
Dishwasher Humming at this very minute - Check

I just did all this three weeks ago. I'm not sure how things got so out of control so quickly, but hopefully (fingers eyes and toes all crossed) I can keep it up this time.

I'm going to something tonight that is causing my social anxiety to rear up its ugly head. I've been anxious about it for days, but it is important to me that I go. Its stressing the hell out of me, but I'm GOING TO GO. Sorry... didn't mean to yell. I'm yelling more at myself.


Never Ending