My hair is thinning. I think I noticed it the last few weeks, but not in an entirely conscious way. More of a back of my mind sort of way. But I can't ignore it today. I'm devastated. As mentioned my hair is my best asset. I have always, always had good hair. I think its my only good feature and now it is betraying me. I am so good to my hair. I have never permed it or colored it. I generally don't blow dry it or use a curling iron on it. This is so unfair!

If it would stay the way it is now, then I'd be ok with what I've got, but I'm scared of the unknown future. Is it going to continue to thin away? I'm only 34, how could I have thinning hair! How will I ever get a guy to look at me when my very best feature is disappearing before my eyes.

I'm not to the point mentally where I'm ready to go to the doctor about it. I don't want to take Rogaine for the rest of my life and get facial hair. I want my hair back. My thick beautiful hair. I don't even care that it was full of gray. I kind of liked it.

Maybe this is God's way of telling me I'm going to be alone forever and to just get used to it. This is so unfair!