30 hours is a long time

I've had a great four days so far of vacation, but now that is coming to an end. It is time to see "la familia." It will be about 30 hours from when I leave the apartment to when I get back, but that will seem forever when I am having to deal with a two and half hour drive, ruffled feathers, bruised egos, out of date thinking, crabbiness, penny pinching, no cable and no internet. I'm the one who is going to be crabby by the time I get home late Thursday. It is terrible to think much less write down, but I'm looking upon this visit as more of a chore than anything joyful. This has been caused by the phone calls and emails I received this week in the latest family drama. I can't wait until Thursday evening when I'm back home.

I hope your holiday is brighter than mine. I will be incommunicado until Thursday night. Safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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