I'm back. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be except for the fact that my 89 year old grandmother likes to keep the house at a toasty 80 (which feels more like 85-90) and my thoughts kept wandering to someone I haven't thought about this much in a long time (the brain is a marvelous and yet irritating thing). I was happy to see my cousins, (especially one that usually has to work on Thanksgiving). I brought home a large amount of pork roast (we're cajun) and I'm about to go slice that up and have a sandwich (our dinner was at noon).

One other thing that has come out of this trip (after getting some advice) is that I think I've decided not to go to the high school trip to New York City. I really didn't have the money and every time I thought about it, it was stressing me out. I could have gone, but I would have been barely surviving (the trip was going to be around $750 not including meals, plus just the regular traveling expenses). I'm going to live a few days with the idea of not going, but it will mean that I can get a new mattress (which I really need), and put some money back into my checking and savings when the tax refund rolls around. It makes me feel much more at ease when I think of not having to juggle the money to go. (I don't know why so there are so many parenthesis today. Chalk it up to food overload.)

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? (?)


30 hours is a long time