Day 9

Well today is the last day of my vacation and I would say it was a good one. I was very busy the first four days, spent a nice time at the family farm and have been incredibly lazy (with one day out for being sick) the last three.

The apartment is looking a little junky since I got back so today's main chore will be to get it back into shape before the work week begins.

I definitely needed this recharge. I have three weeks to get through before I am back on vacation. I think I can make it. I worry about rumors I've heard about not having the whole week off next year. By this time so many teachers are on the verge of burn out that things will just be that much harder without the week off. In the long run I think more people will be taking more "mental health" days off in the fall which of course costs the district money. I'm sure this is causing all of you that get two weeks off the whole year to roll your eyes, but I can't help that. Lately I've been thinking that all this vacation time isn't worth the stress of the job, but I have no other skills so I'm kind of stuck.

Hmmm, not sure where all that came from. Time to get some breakfast, get dressed and do my lesson plans.

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