My heater's not working! Waaaaaa.....

I'm waiting for the night maintenance to come and praying they can fix it. I have no where that I can easily go with my kitty if they can't.

Update (8:30 pm): So he's finally here. Has been for the last ten minutes and went straight into the bathroom. I was wondering why. He just stepped out and I stuck my head in there. My shower rod is down and the ceiling section above my shower apparently houses.... something. I don't know what. I can't believe I've been here for 5 months and never noticed the ceiling.

Update (10:00 pm): So at about 9:30 or so he got the heater going. He was waiting a few minutes to make sure when we heard a clang. Part of the element just fell apart and into my tub. No element, no heat. He went to the office to check if the one element they have in stock is the same size. Huzzah, it is. It is now 10:00 and he has started installing it.

Update (11:10 pm): Heat! And tears. Because as this very sweet, stuttering, heavily accented man left (and after I thanked him for the seventh time) he said that his co-worker had told him to leave it until morning, but he knew I needed it so he stayed. For almost three hours.

White, Silver and Glass

It's nights like these...