White, Silver and Glass

Christmas decorating is a big deal in my family. Lots of money, time and effort goes into bringing the holiday spirit indoors. This tradition has passed down to my mother and my aunt and even trickled down to me although I am missing that creative gene so its harder.

My mother gave me my first set of holiday decorations when I got out of college (because you HAVE to have a decorated tree in my family). She was ready to change the decorations on her tree so she gathered everything she had, looked to see what color was predominant (RED) and off I went. I loved those decorations which basically made the tree look like a big candy cane, but after 12 years I was ready for something new.

So here is my new tree (not so great photo, but you get the idea). I considered many different color schemes, but I finally settled on white. Basically anything that is white, silver, or glass is going on the tree. I remember when I was young, looking at trees with the clear glass ornaments and wishing that our tree could be that "fancy". I didn't remember that until after I decided to go white, but now I get to make that wish come true. So I don't go bankrupt I am keeping it very basic this year. I imagine it will take me at least two more years before I'm really finished. My check list for the future? Some more garland (I love my pearl garland!), more ornaments, icicles (or something like it) to hang from the branches and a better topper.

This tree isn't as impressive with the lights off as the candy cane tree was, but it still has a few years before it is finalized. Even so, when the lights come on, they sparkle and reflect off all that silver and glass and it makes me smile.