Christmas is Coming

Onesome: Christmas-- shopping: done deal? Haven't started? "Oh, man! Yeah, I need to make a list!" (I'm thinking this one may sort out by gender...)

I've made a list, but so far I've only got one thing. There will be some more shopping next week and some more shopping the week after. I'm spoiled because I have a week off before Christmas to hit the shops. However I hear that is coming to an end and next year I will be working right up until Christmas. I'll get to see how everyone else lives. But not until next year!

Twosome: is-- it time to decorate yet? ...or do you still have another week or two to go?

Uh... you should have decorated right after Thanksgiving! Those are the rules. :-) You decorate after Thanksgiving and take it down a few days after New Year's. My beautiful tree is up and I'll be shopping for a few more ornaments as well this weekend.

Threesome: Coming-- or going? ...or staying home? Are you visiting or hosting this Christmas? ...or both?

A little of both. My mom is coming up the 23rd and then we will go to the family farm on the 24th. We will be back on the 25th. My mom usually leaves on the 26th, but this year we are going to the Rockettes on the 26th so she'll stay an extra day. So I have to clean as well as shop.

How about you? When you're ready, post your answers in your own space, and leave a comment here so we can find you!

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