Saturday Randomness

Beware: Random thoughts with no cohesive flow.

My little countdown calendar says 6 days until vacation. Woo hoo! Monday is my concert and once that is over I am home free so this is a happy weekend.

I went downtown last night to the candlelight tours by the Heritage Society. It was fun to hear all the great choirs in the area as they performed during the event. The real candles lighting the pathway were so beautiful, but I was kind of bummed that I couldn't take pictures inside the houses.

After that I wandered over to city hall to take a look at the new lighted city hall Christmas tree. The party at city hall was over and there were only a handful of people left plus the guys that were tearing down the party gear. That tree is massive (50 feet!) and it is beautiful. 50 feet! I would love to have been there when they were unloading that thing.

As I started walking back to my car, I started getting a little spooked. I try to be aware of my surroundings and I'm usually not afraid when I'm alone downtown (or anywhere else for that matter) but that feeling just got into my head and I hurried my step. I wish I wasn't alone all the time.

Today's agenda? I need to do some shopping for my co-workers. We usually don't buy presents for each other, but I'm feeling festive this year so I'm going to get a little token something for my close friends. Then it is out to Lights in the Heights. I can't believe I have lived here all this time and didn't know anything about it. It looks like so much fun and I think it is going to be packed with people.

One good thing about Houston is that there is SO much to do. One bad thing about Houston is that there is SO much to do and sometimes it happens on the same weekend. Tonight is also the Christmas Boat Parade in Clear Lake. Boo! because that would be fun too.


Christmas is Coming