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My New Friend So here is my new little friend. I think of it as more of a temporary fix for the next year or so. It only cost me $167. That is about all I can afford right now in an emergency replacement camera. If I waited until I could get a high end compact I would be waiting for months. It has a lot of the same features as my dearly departed (and actually more megapixels), it just feels a little less substantial. More light and plastic where my other one was heavier and more metal. I think it will be fine for the time being.

I wish I could afford something a little more high end. That is one of the pangs of sadness I'm feeling about the camera switch. The S45 was a very high quality camera and it did right by me. This photo will be its crowning achievement and it is still my top photo ever. And yes I do get quite sentimental about inanimate objects. It's a curse. I'm sure I'll come to love the newbie. In fact I just realized they both have the numbers 4 and 5. And yes that IS how my mind works. Whatever connection I can make to bridge the gap.

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