Virgin No More

Even though I am almost 35 (Eeek!) tonight I did something for the first time. You may find it surprising that I have gone this long without doing this particular thing and I really have no excuse other than stubborness, especially considering my profession.

Tonight I saw my first OPERA.

I know you're shocked. As anyone who frequents this blog longer than 5 minutes knows, I am a HUGE fan of musicals. Love them, love them, love them. I can't really explain why I'm not as big an opera fan. It could be that I just don't have the voice for it and so didn't fall in love with the style at college. It could be that I'm just wired to musicals or maybe I'm just empty headed and superficial as most people perceive musicals to be (ha!).

Tonight I saw Houston Grand Opera's Hansel and Gretel thanks to the very thoughtful Eric who had two comp tickets. I took my opera loving co-worker, Lisa, with me who has been trying to get me to see an opera for the six years that I have known her.

The reason I went this time? I think it was meant to be. Lisa had already seen the show and talked about it endlessly for days, so when Eric offered the tickets I couldn't say no. And while I was sitting in the audience listening to the overture I really knew that this was just the way things were supposed to work out. This year my top girls choir performed Evening Prayer from this opera on the fall concert. I absolutely love this song and I have been waiting YEARS to have a choir that could do this song justice. This was the year that I was finally able to perform it and what do you know, I get to the see the opera the same year. Although the witch is the most talked about (and deservedly so.... the witch is a sight to behold) my favorite part was the performance of Evening Prayer with the beautiful angels above. I got a little teary eyed. It was such a wonderful evening. I know it won't be 35 more years before I see another one. Check out this Houston Chronicle article about the puppetry used in the show along with a picture of part of the witch and one of the angels.

Oh I also pushed THE BUTTON for the first time. It was a night for firsts I guess.

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