Holiday Schwag


The Holiday Valleyschwag. I love schwag. I don't know why. It isn't like I use it (I mainly like getting the T-shirts), but I love all the kitsch that comes with companies logos plastered on it. So if anyone out there has schwag they would like to send my way, feel free. Schwag I could actually use on a daily basis are things like pencils and pens, but I also love stickers as well. They help to geek up my office.

On with this package's goodies. One of the great things about these packages is that I find out about all these cool websites out there, even if I never use them.

1. MingleNow T-Shirt
Your Life Online: Connect to the places you go and the people who go there

2. Perplexcity Cards
A World of Puzzles, Mystery and Intrigues

3. Guba Knit Cap
Enjoy, upload and share free videos. Download hit movies and television shows.

4. Turistas Plastic Syringe
Movie. Tagline: Go Home

5. Webshots Note Cube, Stickers
Photo Sharing, Free Wallpaper and Free Screensavers

6. Mashery Stickers
Power your API

7. Compete Stickers
Search Engine

8. Rooftop Comedy Stickers
Internet Comedy Channel

9. Candy and the stocking that everything came packaged in.

5 days until Christmas

Virgin No More