5 days until Christmas

Well tomorrow is the 20th and I *still* haven't done my Christmas shopping. The only thing I have so far is an iPhoto book I made for my grandmother of pictures I took at the farm. Tomorrow will be shopping day. I'm still not sure where to go to get my aunt's gift so that is throwing my plans off a little bit (of COURSE I have plans).

I *did* go with my friend and her daughter today while they did their shopping. For the first time ever (its a week for firsts, eh?) I went to the Harwin District. For you non-Houstonians, or Houstonians like me who are clueless, it is a series of shopping centers with lots of knock-offs and cheap, cheap items and some good deals in between. I managed to find my Opium (the real thing) for a good price and I bought a new purse for $10! Admittedly it is constructed like a $10 purse, but if I don't let you look at it too closely you would never know. I already like it a lot more than my previous purse.

So tomorrow is my day to spend, spend, spend. Hopefully I can find everything I need. Wish me luck! (Are you guys done with your shopping?)


Holiday Schwag