I went looking through the archives this evening for a post I wrote about desire, but alas it must have been on one of my other blogs. By the way, I *TOTALLY* appreciate my regular readers. I can't imagine what you find so interesting especially after going through 9 months of my posts.

I wish I could just link to the post instead of trying to reconstruct it. Essentially, my drive on the physical side is quite strong. Naturally my heart and mind want more than just the physical. I want someone to love me and who wants to be with me which, of course, makes the physical that much more special. But sometimes, like now, I want to throw all caution to the wind and just find someone to help me with the physical side. I'm pretty sure that I could find someone for THAT without too much trouble. I'm not sure how much longer my heart and mind can hold out.

Plenty of Time

5 days until Christmas