Plenty of Time

Onesome: Plenty-- of time, take a deep breath. Overnight/Saturday delivery could work for you... So could a trip a few hundred miles away if you're into shopping on Sunday! How are you doing? Do you have it together?

I have it together today! If you asked me this yesterday, I would have had NOTHING done, but I was out shopping yesterday. I just need to wrap and since I only have a handful of presents, its no big deal. The only thing I need to find is a bag for a bottle.

Twosome: of-- all the states, I'm hearing the worst reports from Ohio! It has no snow! No snow, no Christmas! What's to be done? Is it looking like the normal Christmas weather there for you?

I'm not sure about normal, but the weather looks great. Lows in the 40's, highs in the 60's and sunny! Woo hoo! I love that weather.

Threesome: Time-- Time? Good grief, the 24th is days away, and most men haven't even awakened a sense of urgency as yet . Is anyone done, finished, wrapped and resting?

It's just me here so..... not finished wrapping, and I will need to go to the grocery store, and clean the apartment tomorrow before the arrival of my mother on Saturday.

How about you? When you're ready, post your answers in your own space, and leave a comment here so we can find you!

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