Well Christmas finally ended about an hour ago when my family left. I'm having a hard time just sitting and relaxing after four days of go, go, go. Funny enough, even though I was in such a festive holiday mood all of December, now that Christmas is over, I want it to be completely over. I'm ready for the holiday music and news stories to go away and I wish my tree would magically take itself down.

It was a nice Christmas. My big gift was a new vacuum cleaner. Now my family can't quite afford a Dyson like some people :-), but I did manage to get this one. It is a monster compared to my other vacuum cleaner which was a very cheap "here's your first vacuum out of college" vacuum. It's like driving a big heavy Mercedes after driving a very cheap Yugo. I've only done the bedroom so far, but there was a lot of bumping into things as I learned how to maneuver this new model. It might be overkill for such a small apartment, but it's so nice to have a brand new vacuum.

The vacuum was all I was expecting this year, but happily I got four new Estee Lauder solids to add to my collection. I'll have pics up later. I think I'm going to need to rearrange my perfume cabinet. I'd really hate to pack stuff away, but it may come to that.

Today I'm going to try to unwind, read a book, catch up on all my feeds (244 in my RSS Reader!) and take it easy (after vacuuming some more of course).

Happy New Year

Thus it begins...