Best of 2006

I'm certainly not adverse to stealing ideas. So here are my favorite photos from Photine for 2006 in order of appearance on the site. I eliminated until I couldn't eliminate anymore and I was left with 8.

It is ironic that this photo is up here considering how much I love color. I guess the few times I venture out of the color arena are rare, and when they are successful I take that much more notice.

I love this building. It combines my love of architecture, history, art deco and airplanes. I feel like I have found a treasure that is waiting to be discovered and I am going to enjoy watching this building come into its much deserved glory. As for this photo, I played with the sepia until I had the right look. I probably couldn't recreate it if I tried. The final result opened a lot of doors for me at the museum and this will always be one of my all time favorite photos.

My most successful picture of 2006 by far. It was submitted to the Houston Its Worth It exhibition and one of 20 chosen for a postcard. Friends have told me that they have tried to photograph this and have not achieved the same result. That makes me laugh because I was only at the Menil for about 10 minutes and this photo was just snapped off without much preparation. Yet here it is at the top of the heap.

Back to the air terminal museum. This photo is a lesson in lighting and luck. I tried photographing this umbrella before with little success, but it just worked this time. The lighting on this is all natural light from a window. I got to meet the person who donated the umbrella to the museum and that was a very cool moment.

I like this photo although I'm not sure why. Something about the framing and the cut off marquee.

I'm sure that this photo is here for purely sentimental reasons although it is not a bad photo. I have very strong feelings for this particular space in Houston and it will be a heartbreaking day for me if it goes away. I hope that the space can be converted into something else that will save the building, but as a book lover it will always be treasured in my heart as a bookstore.

Everyone needs an artsy "tree in fog" photo and here is mine. This was taken at my grandmother's farm in East Texas on Thanksgiving Day. I dragged myself out of bed and was listening to my grandmother talk to my mother on the phone. When she mentioned that it was foggy outside I was suddenly wide awake and outside within minutes with my camera.

Love the reflection, the composition and the time I spent wandering around downtown Houston on a cold winter evening.

So there is 2006. I look at these photos and wonder how I'm ever going to be able to top them in 2007, but I'm sure there are many more photographic experiences ahead. And since I have no aversion to stealing good ideas, I will be doing a top 5 every three months in the year ahead.

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