Don't Call It A Resolution!

Happy New Year peeps! I have been incredibly lazy the last few days. I'd say since my family left on Wednesday I've barely moved and yet I still feel tired.

I rang in the new year as I always do, watching it on TV. Luckily I had a far flung friend to keep me company on chat. While watching CNN I saw the big party they were throwing in San Antonio. I want to go! I'm sure it won't be quite the same going by myself, but I can't wait around forever for this mythical man to appear.

So here is the deal. One thing I want to work on for the new year (don't call it a resolution!) is to get into the routine of walking. I'm not going to be doing any great distances, in fact just walking around the block will be a start. This isn't about losing weight, but becoming more active. So I'm going to pay myself $1 for each day that I walk even if it is jut around the block. Payments will be made monthly to savings and hopefully I will have enough money at the end of the year to go to San Antonio for New Year's Eve. I travel to San Antonio twice a year, but I've never been there during the holidays and have never seen the lights on the River Walk. I'm excited about this plan and hopefully I can stick to it.

The other thing I want to work on this year (don't call it a resolution!) is to get out there and socialize more. I truly think I have social anxiety disorder from everything I read, but I would really, REALLY, like to work through it without having to go to the doctor. I don't like the doctor. I have had so much fun meeting people from Houston Photobloggers and Flickr in the past year and I want to continue that. My hope is that the more I do it, the easier it will get. I'm certainly not so bad that I'm paralyzed in my house, but I get anxious before upcoming social situations. I'm going to shoot tomorrow with Christine and even that is causing me anxiety, but it has nothing to do with her (you know that right Christine?), just the situation.

So there they are. The two things that I want to work on (don't call them resolutions!) in the new year. Any big projects out there in readerland? Now I'm off to take down the tree (finally!).

UPDATE: Uh... yeah, I'll get to the tree in a minute. Check it out. I'm going to get a wishing pot for the money. The cool thing about a wishing pot is you can't get into it without breaking it, so no sneaking out the already saved money until it is time.

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