Random thoughts on a Saturday

Shouldn't everyone be broke from Christmas? I went to the Galleria this afternoon and it was packed! It was "last weekend before Christmas" packed. I had a hard time finding parking and I rarely have a hard time with parking in the garage below Galleria II. And people were spending a lot of money. Walking down the stairs I realized the lady in front of me was carrying a MacBook. What's that like? Just walking around with your newly purchased MacBook in hand. And a lady at Sephora kept putting Bare Escentuals in her bag. I had a $15 brush (the only thing I bought) and she must have had 5 things that probably totaled $150. I guess I can't keep up with the consumerism at the Galleria, but I sure love going there and looking around.

I've always thought of myself as a a hamburger girl, but I'm realizing that I really have a thing for pizza. Maybe my tastes are changing. (I was thinking this while I was at Sbarro of course). Nothing exotic though, plain old pepperoni for me. I haven't tried many of the really good places around Houston, but now that I have had this realization I will make a point to try them out. Any suggestions Houstonians?

And finally, men are jerks. I know this, but then I forget it and start chatting with someone online and they turn into a jerk. In like less than 15 minutes. Why do I keep forgetting?

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