Theme Week

Hallelujah! Typepad is *finally* (sorry Greg) bringing over some of the themes from Vox. If you remember, I wanted to be able to have access to all the great designs over at Vox and change my look with the push of a button and its finally starting to happen.

So here is the first one. Don't be surprised if you come by and the design is different. That's the fun part. Although I actually really like the color gray, I think this is much easier to read than the previous design and it matches the photoblog.

It's funny this happened now because I also started theme week over at the photoblog. I am experimenting with grouping photos together over the week in one theme whether it be a color theme, idea them or in the case of this week (Houston Skyline), subject theme.

Theme is just on the mind and it is all good.

Going down for the count

Strange Little Bud