Ha. I just woke up and put on the weather channel and they are tossing the word thundersleet around. That's a cool word. I should snag an email address or domain with that.

I think I feel better, but I'm not sure since I was stationary all yesterday. I'm going to take a quick spin around the block and see how I feel.

I'm kinda bummed, it looks like the really cold, sleet and ice won't make it this far. I was ready to huddle up and now it's going to be just regular old cold weather. Every time I look at the weather channel the lows on Monday and Tuesday are higher. Before we left school Friday they made sure the emergency list was updated just in case school was cancelled or started late. Teachers are just as bad as kids about having school cancelled. Now it looks like I'll have to drag myself out in the cold, ON TIME, on Tuesday.

Ok, off to walk and see if I'm still dragging or just groggy.

UPDATE: Ok, I think I'm better. If I had to go out today and work or run errands all day then I wouldn't quite make it. But since I know I'm going to do NOTHING today then I think I'll feel even better tomorrow than I do today. Does that make sense?


Going down for the count