To the ResQ

Well things are looking brighter this evening.  After doing some research online I am going to have PowerbookResQ work on my machine.  If all goes well I should have my Powerbook back and working by mid-week maybe even as early as Tuesday! 

I went with this option because I'm *really* not ready to buy a new computer.  I had planned on doing this next year when I would have time to research as well as pay off some bills.  This year I just wanted to buy a mattress.  It will only cost me a couple of hundred (hopefully) to get this work done and I'll be able to take that out of savings which will of course be promptly replaced in about three weeks when I get my tax refund money.  So the only bad thing of course is losing my pictures.  I took some really great shots when I was out with Christine and I'm sorry they are gone.  But I'll be happy to have my baby back.

Keep your fingers crossed!  Now I have to go figure out how to get this Windows machine on my wireless network.  Blech!  I'll do that later.  In the meantime check it out.  Photine was selected as the CoolStop of the day!