TGIF!!  This has been the longest week with my sad news, lots of kids absent from school and computer woes.  Today was the first day I woke up and felt on an even keel.  I still feel a little out of sorts without my computer. I TOLD you I was addicted.  I just don't have things at my fingertips on the PC as I did on my Mac.  Checking mail is a pain because I have several different email accounts and I have to sign in for each one.  I really want to keep the programs I install on this school laptop to a minimum so I'm not going to mess with any Windows equivalent mail.  What's the point when I'll be back on my own computer in a few days.  I still feel in limbo though and I know that even when I get my computer back it will be a while before I'm running smoothly.

Tomorrow I have to do work related things for part of the day.  I am on a committee looking at the future of fine arts in my district and we are meeting tomorrow during the day.  After that I will catch the tail end of the Flickr meet up.  I originally thought I might head out to Westheimer early to get some photos, but I'm not sure the weather is going to be all that great.  I'm rapidly running out of time to finish my own assignment!

See out of sorts.  Lamest blog entry ever.


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