Life is almost back to normal after the week from hell.  I just need my computer back and all will be well (knock on wood that it is nothing more than a hard drive problem). 

I had a committee meeting yesterday for work.  People from all teaching levels and fine arts disciplines got together to discuss the future of fine arts in our district.  I doubt there are many districts that are working in this fashion.  We still have a long way to go to reach our ideal, but progress is being made.

Then the real fun began.  I went to the tail end of the Flickr meetup for the Assignment Houston group.  It was so great, there were SO many people there.  I felt a little out of it because I missed the photo walk and didn't really have a chance to get to know the new people, but it made me feel so good that so many people turned out.  I did have a chance to talk to some people before the group started breaking up.  After I stayed and had dinner with Christine, Mike and Elaine and on the way home I swung by the Dessert Gallery for some lemon squares (love lemon squares).  Me and apparently everyone else, because it was crazy packed.

Today I am going to try to get my apartment back to functioning order.  When I am having a bad week I pretty much ignore my apartment which I I realized last night when I went to get a glass and found out that I didn't have any clean ones!

The closer to computer diagnosis I get the more nervous I get.  I have been assuming it is just a hard drive problem and I'm prepared to pay for that, but what if it is something more?  I'll be right back to where I started from.  Sigh.  Well I'll find out tomorrow.