Blue Night
Originally uploaded by laanba.

Wheee!  This photo was featured  at Weekly ShotCheck it out.

I always have personal doubts about my participation in that site, even now.  I'm not sure I really have the photographic skills or a thick enough skin to hang around there.  Yet I still submit pictures.  I don't know why.  If you want to know about Weekly Shot just read this.  But I'm still happy to have my first featured photo and a little sad because this is one of the photos where I lost the full file with the computer crash.

As for computer news?  I talked to the technician yesterday.  He said it is definitely the hard drive (which I knew, but was hoping there was nothing ELSE).  He said there were about 14 separate failing sections and he was highly doubtful that any of my data could be retrieved.  I told him that I had pretty much made my peace with that.  So I'll have it back tomorrow!  Then it will be a few hours of updating and a few days of trying to get my bookmarks and settings back.  Total cost?  $209.  SO much better than the cost of a new computer and that includes a new 80 GB hard drive and labor.  Yay!

Oh Happy Day