Oh Happy Day

I'm in love with a guy named Eric.  (I'm sure this Eric and this Eric just had a heart attack ... haha).  No, it's the Eric from Mac ResQ who called me this morning to tell me that he recovered my data!!  I'm getting all my stuff back on a fresh new hard drive tomorrow!  This also means that instead of hours of updating and days of fiddling, it will probably only take me the evening to get everything up and running.  I'm SO happy.  I was even having a most excellent rehearsal with my boys when he called so this day is just happy.

PS.  On a totally unrelated note, I swear there is a real life Henry walking around this building.  He's married (drat!) but he reminds so much of him it is a little eerie.  He's a specialist so he's not here all the time.  Ah, Henry.

I'm Back!