Grrr.... cheap camera

So something annoying happened. I pulled out my compact camera this evening and a key piece is missing, the switch to change from picture mode to view mode. This switch is tiny and I looked through my purse and everywhere around, but it is gone. Cheap camera. I only say that because my S45 survived many years banging around my purse and this camera barely survived a month! I didn't even mention the time that the ring came off and I had to pop it back on. Cheap camera. You get what you paid for was never more true. So back to the camera store I go. But this time I'm going to listen to Ian and get the Fuji F20. One thing that really *really* bothered me about the A540 was the incredible amount of noise even at 200. I guess this poor little guy never had a chance compared to the S45 in my heart. I was considering getting a better compact and using the A540 as my school camera. It would have been perfect for that, but now I can't even use it for that. Cheap camera.

8:10 pm

Here we go....