What the....

I swear I just looked up and it was 8:00 and now the clock says 8:56 (ok now it says 9:29 but I was on the phone with my aunt). Where did the last hour go? Did I really spend that much time playing with Vox. Geez. I really want to find something to write about over there, but I have no idea what it would be.

So next week is my convention in San Antonio and for some reason the closer it gets the more I feel like I need to stay in my apartment and do nothing. Its weird. I feel like there is this big thing hanging over my head and all other activities must come to a screeching halt. Which is of course ridiculous, but I am still fighting that feeling. I will definitely be busy this weekend with photography things. I haven't really headed out with the camera since the computer crash. I am *loving* the theme idea over at Photine, but since I now upload a week at a time, it isn't on my mind all the time. That is both good and bad.

And finally I can't settle on a blog design so don't be surprised if you come and it has changed.

Pitch, Yaw and Roll