I've always been more of an Amazon person than an eBay person. I am not a sale addict like some friends I know and I like the security of dealing with Amazon versus dealing with regular people. And now my particular preferences will be solidified because of my current eBay transaction.

I ordered my new camera on Sunday and paid for 3 days shipping. It wasn't submitted to ship until Tuesday, but I can't complain about that too much because I know they are a real person and it says on the auction that they will ship within 2 business days. So shipped on Tuesday, 3 business days, scheduled to arrive Friday. And that is what UPS said until today when it suddenly says scheduled to arrive on the 13th! I am not happy. I wanted to get familiar with this camera before I went to San Antonio. Plus I paid for 3 day shipping! We'll see what the seller has to say to my email. I am definitely not in the mood to leave positive feedback. And next time I go shopping it will probably be at Amazon.

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