Sunday Morning

Good morning. I am getting ready to clean my apartment ahead of my trip out of town next week and an afternoon excursion today. Conveniently my DVR / Cable box decided to blow a gasket so I guess I really do *have* to clean instead of watching TV. Looks like a trip to the Time Warner store tomorrow. I hadn't finished watching all the shows I had saved on that thing, but at least I can buy 24 at iTunes.

I had a big breakthrough yesterday. It was a photobloggers meet-up and I got up, got dressed went to the meet-up and thought nothing about it. No nerves, no twinges, no anxiety. I didn't realize it until later when we went out to eat and it suddenly hit me. I can't believe how much I have changed in the last year. I'm going to have to stop describing myself as shy or introverted and I NEVER thought that would happen. That certainly doesn't mean I won't find myself having the anxiety attacks, but obvious progress is being made.

And I got my first email from From a man who was so stupid as to send me his Yahoo ID which I of course looked up and saw in his profile that he was MARRIED. I'm so lucky! :-)

Shameless Begging

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