Old Habits Die Hard

I figured I would try out this new, confident, un-shy Laurie at my teacher's conference in San Antonio, but the first chance I had I fell back on old patterns. It wasn't anything big, but I went to the mall food court for dinner and while looking for a table I saw from a distance the guy I had a crush on through most of college. Now even the new me wouldn't interrupt him, but I immediately looked down at the ground as to avoid eye contact and went and found a place to sit where he couldn't see me. Such typical shy, hiding from the world behavior. I'm not sure I will have the energy to be "on" all the time, but I think walking with my head up and some confidence will be a good start.

Stories so far? A couple got engaged at the riverwalk where the whole mall (all three levels) could see them, the cat store that I loved to visit is closed for good *sniffle*, and I found out that my missing accompanist had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized. Oh well, now I know. Tomorrow is the first full day of the conference.

4 am wake up call

Meet my new little friend