Big Changes at Photine

Changes at Photine

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Finally, after 6 long hours of tweaking, fussing, editing, changing and doing it all again, and again I have finalized my new look (and purpose) for Photine AND a new photoblog, Photine: Patchwork.

When I posted my first theme of Skylines, it was really just an experiment. One of my favorite photoblogs is who posts several photos in one post all related in some way. I adapted that to Photine as an experiment and it has been personally satisfying and quite a surprise. I love putting the series together and seeing them go up. Even though I reserved the weekends to do whatever I wanted, I felt like the focus should be the Monday - Friday series.

One result of this new way of posting was that it was not as easy participate in the memes, throw up random photos, etc. I could of course just rely on Flickr to do that, but my world is first and foremost photoblogging and I didn't want to have just Flickr as my second home. So I started a new photoblog. A place that I could put the photos that I really liked that didn't make it into a series (sometimes there are 6 or 7 that I really like, but I have to choose 5), to put up photos for memes, just basically a second place for me to be random. Along with this I tossed out my archive page and have an all new about page for Photine.

So here we go with phase two of Photine. Photine, my main photoblog, will continue with posts Monday through Friday with each week a related theme. Photine: Patchwork will be my place for all other random goodness and posting may be sporadic or frequent. I have no idea yet. Don't forget to check out my TypePad Blog to see what else rattles around in my head, take a peek at the new About Page and visit me at Flickr.

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