Looking for some direction

Onesome: Looking-- all around today: what landmark or scene do you look for each morning on the way to work or school or wherever? Is there something on the way you look forward to seeing? ...or do you have something that lets you know you're close and it's time to shift mental gears?

I always make a little note when I see the downtown skyline. It is in the far off distance yet I am close enough that I can see it. I love Houston's skyline and downtown area.

Twosome: for-- your typical lunchtime what do you see? ...a cafeteria? ...classroom? ...office? ...home? ...the surf in Hawai'i?

I usually see the school cafeteria and then my office. Sometimes I see a fast food place and then my office. Basically I eat in my office.

Threesome: some direction--? Okay, if you go out your front door, which direction are you facing? ...or do you use the front door? Hmmm...

When I go out of my front door I'm facing another wall. There is basically a little breezeway that the apartment entrances face. When I come out of the breezeway I am facing the pool and facing north. All of my apartment windows face the pool and face north.

How about you? When you're ready, post your answers in your own space, and leave a comment here so we can find you!


A little sunshine after all...