Good morning world! Welcome to the first weekday of my Spring Break. I really enjoyed the thunderstorms and rain that rolled through this morning because I could just stay in bed and go back to sleep. Unfortunatley I'm paying for it now with cloudy weather. I had almost every day planned out (of course!) but now I'm going to have to do some rearranging in my schedule because most things were taking photos outside.

Thus far...

Saturday I stayed in, cleaned up the apartment and took a new picture for Twitter, Flickr, et al. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

Sunday I went on the GHPA Glenwood Cemetery tour which was wonderful as always. After that I went to Fry's to buy a new external hard drive and ended up also buying a photo scanner. On the way home I stopped at Fuzzy's and got a carry out. After sitting around a while I finally broke out the external hard drive and wrestled with getting the back up software included working on it. I finally gave up and am using Backup that comes with my .Mac subscription. I then spent the next few hours doing the first back up. I have one more thing to backup and it is whirring as I speak.

(Of course if you were following my Twitter or checking in the upper left corner you would knew all that already! Click on the badge to go to my Twitter page.)

So I am going to Clear Lake today for a doctor's appointment and the plan WAS to go to Kemah to shoot, but I think the clouds are going to interfere. So Monday has opened back up. I've already switched out (in my mind at least) Tuesday. It was supposed to be rodeo but I'll go to HMNS instead (me and probably every once else). But what to do with the rest of Monday. It seems scandalous to drive all that way and do nothing.

Not for me, unfortunately

Glenwood Cemetery