Podcasts - the list

I thought for sure that I had written an entry of podcasts that I listen to, and I wanted to reference it to see the changes, but I can't find it at all. Have you ever written posts in your head and not actually posted them? But I digress.

Despite being a music teacher, I don't listen to a lot of music in the car and the TV is my background noise at home. Every once in a while I go through periods where I break out the tunes, but for the longest time I would listen to news radio. Usually because the local news radio station was mainly news at the hours I was in the car. I can't stand that political bickering that has taken over most of the station now so podcasts are PERFECT for me. I can listen to discussions on topics that I'm interested in on a regular basis. Here is the list of the podcasts on my iPod.

1. TWiT - The grand daddy of them all. Oh how I miss the Screen Savers. The Screen Savers is where I first heard about blogging oh those many years ago. Most of the old Screen Savers gang make appearances on this show. The ultimate geekfest and yes, I am a member of the TWiT army.

2. MacBreak Weekly - I listened to the very first MacBreak Weekly and about ten minutes in I changed shows. But the kinks are all worked out and wow this show has zoomed to the top of the list. Funny, silly, smart. The cast has such a good chemistry and even when new people stop by they fit right into the vibe. And how can you not totally adore Merlin Mann. I want a man like the Mann.

3. Wait Wait Don't Tell Me - In January I had to go to a Saturday morning meeting in town. I must have forgotten my iPod because I searched around the radio for something to listen to and landed on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. I only listened to about 20 minutes, but I immediately fell in love. I was SO happy to find the podcast. It is the first podcast I listen to when I do an update.

4. The Digital Photography Show - This is a fairly recent addition. I love the quirky style of the two hosts and they have amazing guests. They have become familiar friends in such a short time.

These four are the shows at the very top of the list and the first shows that I listen to when I do an update. After that I listen to the following shows in varying order depending on my mood: net@nite, Slice of Scifi, The Dragon Page: Cover to Cover, The Word Nerds and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Mcast. These shows are pretty firmly entrenched in my show list.

I also try out shows every once in a while and see if they are keepers. The shows I'm currently giving a whirl are Audiobooks with Annie (currently reading Anne of Green Gables which I love so we'll see what the next book is...), MacObserver's Mac Geek Gab, Typical Mac User Podcast and You Suck at Web Design.

If you are looking for something to listen to give any one of these a try (especially the top 4).

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