Precision Color Management

Onesome: Precision--ist? Just how picky are you about 'getting things done' yourself? Is "good enough" good enough? ...or do you want to get it "just perfect" every time?

I tell my students all the time that "good enough" is never "good enough." You can't be a musician (at least a good one) and ever be satisfied. That said, I also have a strong tendency toward the perfectionist. It is very hard for me to not micromanage everything.

Twosome: Color-- preferences? What colors would you like to try for livening up the place a bit?

If I had an unlimited budget I would redo the living room in dark woods and sage green with crisp white accents.

Threesome: Management?-- Hey, are you in management or are you a line employee? Students: what do you plan to be? Moms: you get a pass since you're in administration already !

I'm both. I'm a line employee as all teachers are, but I'm also head director so I'm management. Responsible for pretty much everything about the program.

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