One Year

Photine was one year old yesterday and this blog will be one year old on Monday. What a difference a year makes.

The long and sordid blog tale, below the jump.

A long time ago (Feb 2003) I wrote this blog under the title of A Thousand Thoughts at I look back at those times and the word that comes to mind is awkward. I didn't really have a clear vision of what I was doing or why, who I was going to be and how much information I was going to give out. I always felt a twinge of discomfort in the back of my mind and wished I could start over.

In the mean time, I started posting pictures on the blog, participating in the memes and eventually started my own photoblog (Sept 2003). I was just as restless on the photoblog side, not happy with the sites that my limited skills could create. I eventually jumped to my own hosting and hired a designer to do my site, Ars Nova at I was never completely happy with that option because I did not have control and was at the mercy of the designer. So both sites limped along, at least in my mind.

In August 2005 I decided to separate my blogging identity from my photoblogging identity. I wanted to be able to use my name on the photoblogging side, but not lead people to my blog and and .com was too easy as I had unfortunately learned. So I started a new personal blog, Life's Mosaic, with a new nickname Orion. I emailed old readers of the blog and told them where to find me and made a clean jump into the anonymous life. But that was hard too. I found that I couldn't talk about the photoblog, or mention anything that would connect the two together.

Things rapidly came to a head in February 2006. I hired another designer to revamp my photoblog. Problem was I had a hard time communicating what I wanted and standing up for myself and she had a hard time listening to what I wanted. The final site was a disaster. While this was going on, someone who was not happy that I decided not to pursue a relationship with him, and knew about my private blog, bought and spilled my Orion/Life's Mosaic secret. It was an agonizing few weeks with the photoblog falling apart on one side and horrible pages going up on on the other side. There is NO WAY I could have made it through that without my friend Dan, who is an angel, a sweetheart, a very smart man and someone all of you should get to know.

Despite how horrible all of that was, it forced me to step back and make some decisions about blogging and photoblogging. What did I want, who did I want to be, where did I want to go from here. From all that soul searching Photine was born. I moved the photoblog to Expressions and then started this blog a few days later. Everything out in the open, no hiding anymore, clear focus.

And what has the last year been like with Photine? Incredible. I have felt more settled than I EVER did in my old homes. I don't feel apologetic for my sites or my skills. I have made so many amazing new friends and have watched these sites and the others I have added grow and change. Its been a wonderful experience and most importantly it has been FUN. I can't wait for year two.

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