Bad Number

I have found in the past few years that I am more amiable to some birthdays than others. There is no logical reason for which ones I like and which ones I don't. Just some weird algorithm in my head. I liked 32, hated 28. The year I was 28 I seriously could not remember how old I was for practically the whole year. I even told people 29 and really believed it. I liked 29. 34 wasn't so bad, but I am having a VERY bad reaction to the upcoming 35. I guess I just thought my life would be in a really different place at 35, especially personally. Every time I think about it I start tearing up. I don't know why in my mind 35 is so much more significant than 34, or honestly even 36. It just is a bad number in my head and something I'm definitely not going to feel like celebrating. Which sucks because I love celebrating birthdays.

I think they mean sign...

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